$2,500 / year

The Mosaic widget allows you to curate key content and stories on pages in a visually appealing way. Community and communications managers love the ability to define the elements of a story by choosing content automatically or manually, selecting categories, and including custom header text. These configuration options and more can then be combined with design styles to create a purposeful, engaging widget.

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World Clocks

$1,000 / year

Does your organization have global offices in multiple time zones? With the World Clocks widget, display the current time for up to six world clocks on any page or space in a digital or analog configuration.

Twitter Integration

$1,000 / year

The Twitter Feeds widget enables you to display feeds of the most recent tweets from multiple Twitter accounts, bridging employee awareness with public company posts. You can configure the widget to display up to five Twitter account handle feeds and social interactions, such as @mentions and shares. Our tabbed navigation at the top of the widget allows you to seamlessly switch between each handle's stream.

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Facebook Integration

$1,000 / year

Does your company have an active social media presence on Facebook that you want to integrate with your digital workplace? With the Facebook widget, you can easily integrate up to 5 Facebook pages with your digital workplace. The widget displays all recent activity including timeline posts, events, messages, and any additional information posted to the Facebook page onto any space or page in your digital workplace.


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